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Did you know?

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, lactic acid and octenol found in human breath and sweat.

Mosquitoes have heat sensors that help determine where your blood is closest to the skin.

Only females bite. Male mosquitoes feed off flower nectar.


Mosquito Fogging Service


Using a chemistry combination of an adulticides, larvacides and growth regulators, mosquitoes and midges are eliminated. The ongoing residual continues to keep mosquito populations from rebounding for several weeks. This unique chemistry combination is so effective, that when mosquitoes land on a surface, once treated, will carry ppb (parts-per-billion) on her feet. When she goes back to her breeding pool and lands on the water, the ppb on her feet will contaminate the breeding pool causing her larva to never mature.

That one mosquito will effectively eliminate hundreds of future mosquitoes. The formulations, once dry, are safe for you, your family, pets and guest. The fogging delivery practically flash dries and maximum efficacy is achieved 72 hours after the treatment. Once the treatment is performed, 21 to 35 days of no mosquitoes can be expected. Repeat treatments can greatly reduce and eliminate mosquitoes for longer periods of time. (Programs are available.)

The equipment used by Abode Pest Solutions is used to solve problematic accounts that have invested thousands of dollars on elaborate misting systems. These systems rely on a timed mist that is pushed through tubing strung across your property. A 55-gallon barrel must be stored somewhere on site and the end result is usually a shot in the dark. As mention earlier, when someone complains, they send out the equipment that Abode Pest Solutions uses.

Advance the video to :10 to see our technique.

Prices for mosquito fogging are a fraction of misting systems. Prices range from $75.00 to $150.00+ depending on the property, foliage and size. All fogging rates priced upon site evaluation. Please call for further details and to schedule your service.

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