Abode Pest Solutions

Did you know?

Insects have many attributes that make them successful. Pest control requires not only the right combination of products but the expertise of knowing what products to use and how to apply them safely.

To win the battle with bugs, you cannot be in a rush. Working to create a insect-free environment takes time, effort and true enthusiasm for what they are doing.

Abode Pest Solutions

Pest Control Services

Offering these pest treatment services to Central Florida:

Once a year

Initial service products for this type of treatment are long lasting residuals and baits. Exterior barrier treatments are done quarterly with no scheduling necessary. If extra service is needed inside, an appointment is scheduled at no additional charge.


If a client has had ongoing service with no major issues and cares to switch to Abode Pest Solutions, a bug-free environment can be maintained with quarterly service. Quarterly maintenance is a convienent "take-over" approach.


This method is used when a client has not had regular pest service and problems are uncovered during the initial inspection. It is necessary to monitor the insect population as well as the treatment effectiveness bi-monthly until full control has been established; this could take six months to a year. This service is for those who like the reassurance of knowing that a pest management professional is coming on a regular basis.

One-time or occassional service

This service is used for those who have a pest problem yet do not desire regular maintanance. Typical situations can be controlled with a visit and a few follow-ups, in most cases. Warranties are specific per one-time service and can vary from 60 to 90 days depending on the insect and santitary conditions. One-time services are priced after inspection.