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Did you know?

Rodents have a compression skeleton which allows them to gain access through small crevices. If a rodent can get its head through an opening, it will compress and pull the rest of its body through, as well. A large rat can crawl through an opening the size of a quarter. Rats have incisor teeth which constantly grow. Their teeth would grow through their snouts if they did not continuously gnaw to file them down. These intruders threaten our structures (and wallets) by gnawing wires, pipes and HVAC systems resulting in costly repairs.


Animal Removal Services


Nuisance animals are a growing issue in Central Florida. With the development over the last decade, many animals have been displaced and have been forced to live in residential and commercial developments. While most animals will choose to live in a natural setting (like our own yards), cold weather and breeding will often cause them to break into structures and buildings.

Many pest service providers will sub-contract nuisance animal removal. In most cases they receive a referral fee or "kick-back" from the company referred. This results in exorbitantly high fees. Abode Pest Solutions does not sub-contract any work. Scott Campbell (owner and operator) is highly trained in the removal and control of nuisance animals, rodents and birds. Quick turn around time and very competitive rates will make you glad you called.

24-hour service is available. Please call to learn about our special after-hour rates. Exclusion work is often needed after nuisance animals have forced entry into a structure. We do that, too!

Animal Removal, Animal Control or Nuisance Animals

Rodent control Rodent removal at Abode Pest Solutions

Rodent control is usually part of regular on-going pest service unless a severe problem exists. In the event that rodent proofing (exclusion work) is needed, Abode Pest Solutions can provide this at an additional charge. No rodent work will be performed until exclusion and rodent entry points have been addressed. Exclusion is the first step for successful rodent control.

Rodent exclusion work

This consists of locating and sealing holes, gaps and openings that allow vermin entry into a structure. This includes plumbing vents through roofs and soffit venting screens. This work is not subcontracted out. Work is billed at an hourly rate after inspection.

Removal of rodents at Abode Pest Solutions Bird control

Mechanical control can be achived with spikes at perching area or screening off nesting sites. Population reduction can be accomplished with baiting. Baiting should be considered only when all other methods have been exhausted. Prices for bird control quoted after site evaluation.

Other animal control

raccoons, opossums, snakes, bats