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Gaps or holes where the ceiling meets the wall is often a sign that you may have silverfish. Silverfish enjoy feeding on paper and starch. The exposed back of drywall finishing tape where the ceiling meets the wall is a constant food source. Abode Pest Solutions has an effective, eco-friendly treatment for these pests.

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Common Bugs in Central Florida

If you are new to the area it can be disturbing the first time one of our huge outdoor cockroaches finds its way into your home. Chances are excellent that during the time you live in Central Florida this will happen to you. In most cases, this does not mean your house is infested with roaches; however, without pest control that outside invader will take up residency in your home and reproduce. In semi-tropical climates, like that of Florida, pest control is necessary to create barriers to keep unwanted pest from entering our homes and starting an infestation.

Ants are a different story all together. Just like in other parts of the country, if you leave food out during the summer (especially sweets) ants are likely to find it. The difference here in Florida is our summer-type weather lasts most of the year. Other parts of the country only have two or three different species of ants. We have dozens of kinds; some are known as super colonies. If it rains a lot, ants come into our homes seeking drier conditions. If it doesn’t rain enough, ants come into our homes looking for moisture. This makes pest control an integral part of being a homeowner in Florida.

In summary, short of hermetically sealing our homes, insects can invade us by crawling, flying, and yes, even swimming into our lives. (American cockroaches are known to swim up plumbing pipes into our bathtubs and toilets.) Insects can find their way into any kind of structure we can build.

Common Bugs by Image

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American Cockroaches and Eggs

American Cockroach  American Cockroach  American Cockroach Egg  American Cockroach with ootheca 

These are Florida's infamous "Palmetto Bugs." They are photo-sensitive (attracted to light) and are good fliers. They are capable of pushing themselves through weather-stripping, swimming up pipes into showers and toilets or crawling through the smallest cracks and crevices. Their droppings resemble coffee grounds. Residual barrier applications create an invisible force field that protects the entry points around your home.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroach  German  Cockroach  German  Cockroach 

This species of roach quickly infest kitchens and baths of residential and commercial structures. A few roaches can result in thousands in less than a year without pest control. PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY OR SET OFF BOMBS FOR GERMAN ROACHES! This will drive the population into aggregation sites where they will continue to live and breed making the control and elimination very difficult. Abode Pest Solutions will use 21st century technology to eliminate 100% of the population of roaches with customer cooperation.

Common Ants

Red Imported Ants  Ghost Ants  Crazy Ants  Argentine Ants 

There is an estimated 221 different species of ants in the state of Florida.

We ask that you please identify ants before any treatments! Several ant species in Florida are multiple queen colonies. If residual chemicals are applied around a structure without proper identification, it could make a small infestation explode into a major problem. Professional pest control companies often make this mistake due to inexperienced technicians.

Ants do provide a key and irreplaceable role in the ecosystem. Seed dispersal, nutrient turnover and pollination are only a few of the services ants provide. Before you or your pest professional treat for ants, consider your own property's environment first. Abode Pest Solutions eco-friendly approach to pest control will help you maintain control of unwanted pests while protecting your property's ecosystem.

Abode Pest Solutions has more than 24 years experience identifying ants.

Common Spiders

Black Widow Spider  Brown Widow Spider  Brown Recluse Spider  Wolf Spider 

There are numerous species of different spiders in Florida. Common spiders can be separated into two categories: hunter/killers and venomous. All spiders have venom; however, larger varieties are usually hunters/killers and use their size to gather food rather than venom to kill. There are only a few venomous spiders in Florida to really be concerned about: the Black and Brown Widows, and the Brown Recluse.

Man bitten by Brown Recluse Spider
Aftermath of man bitten by Brown Recluse Spider

The Widows are easily identified by the red hourglass shape on their abdomen. The Brown Recluse has a very identifiable violin shape on their back as seen in the photographs. Control measures include the constant removal of webbing and contact residual applications. If someone destroyed your home enough times, you would build it in a place where no one would find it... this is the idea behind mechanical removal of spider webbing.