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Is this clever or what?

If you have a popcorn ceiling, take a look at it starting near an exit door. Look for oblong popcorn that doesn't look quite like the others. If you push on it and it crumbles and is brown on the reverse side, it is an American cockroach egg. If you noticed, it was colored white until it was shattered. The female will take bits of the surrounding ceiling and using her saliva will paint her eggs to blend in with the surrounding popcorn. Clever, eh?

These roaches also lay eggs between concrete blocks in garages, usually in the mortar joints. View a picture.

Ants Marching

Abode Pest Solutions puts green practices in action

The overuse of pesticides inside our homes is a common practice among pest control providers. This practice has led to a number of current problems. Two of the more serious challenges created by this practice are (1) creatures that are chemically resistant and (2) humans that have become chemically sensitive.

Abode Pest Solutions does not indiscriminately spray toxic chemicals inside your home’s living environment. Instead, Abode Pest Solutions practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The essence of the IPM procedure requires:

Integrated Pest Management only treats areas where insects are present indoors with pin-pointed treatments into cracks, crevices and wall voids. This assures that clients are not exposed to any products used inside their home. Eco-friendly products are also used outside to control unwanted pests while posing no threat to mammals. These products are tested by the manufactures and government agencies to have little to no threat to the surrounding environment.

Abode Pest Solutions is a member of NPMA.

Products used are thoroughly researched by Abode Pest Solutions to guarantee their efficacy and environmental friendliness. In addition to barrier treatments, Abode Pest Solutions will look for and seal entry points with non-chemical mechanical methods, such as caulking. In this ever-changing world we live in and the importance of the environment, be assured that Abode Pest Solutions will lead the way with our eco-friendly IPM treatments and products. Communication between the client and the PMP (Pest Management Professional) is very important for a successful program to work. Abode Pest Solutions will always be communicating the conditions that are favorable as well as detrimental to the success of your pest service.

IPM also requires that your pest professional be a good detective.

Scott Campbell, former host of “Ask Dr. Bug” show, is an expert pest professional and is one of the best pest detectives in the business. Let him show you the difference between Abode Pest Solutions and all the rest. You will be bug free while helping maintain a healthier planet. Make an appointment to get your free site evaluation today! The only thing you have to loose is any unwelcomed guest of the insect variety.